How to Play:

1. Get a Kitty Kash 50/50 ticket at any participating Kitty Kash location or call the shelter at 622-0645 (Monday to Friday from 8am - 4pm) to pay over the phone, and staff will get you set up with a number. You can pre-pay for 6 or 12 months in advance and your ticket with your number will be mailed to you. E-transfers can be sent to  , please include your name and number in the memo.

2. When picking up your ticket in person, fill in the half of the ticket that needs your name and contact info. Put that half in the 50/50 box. Now you are registered to play. Keep the half with just your 50/50 number on it.

3. Take a toonie and put a white dot on the coin. Write your number on the dot. Make it clear and easy to read and place it in the box. If you wish to pre-pay in advance at the box, you can use whichever denomination bill you like and place your sticker with your number on that. You can also write a cheque for however many weeks you would like to play and place your numbered sticker on that.

4. You play the SAME number every week. It is your permanent number.

REMEMBER: Play every week! Play the same number!



Draws will take place on Friday mornings of each week and winners will be announced on our Facebook page and our website.


NB Lottery License 1396717 56 001

Questions? Email , or call 622-0645.