*Our greatest need is for cat/kitten and cleaning supplies. We don't typically see as many dogs and are almost always at capacity for cats and kittens.*

Items can be dropped off at the shelter Monday - Saturday from 8am-4pm and Sun from 8am-1pm. We also have a drop-off box outside the door for donations outside of office hours.

*For the Cats*
- litter boxes
- wood pellets (used for litter)
- dry kitten food
- dry cat food (Whiskas Meaty Selections or Purina Cat Chow preferred).
- wet kitten food (any variety)
- wet cat food (any variety)
- Advantage Multi 9-18lbs (flea, mite, and heartworm treatment)
- cat treats
- cat toys
- cat trees and towers
- stainless steel food dishes
- pet carriers
- pet crates

For the Dogs
- dry dog food
- wet dog food
- dry puppy food
- wet puppy food
- dog treats/chews
- dog toys
- Advantage Multi, all sizes (flea, mite, heartworm treatment)
- stainless steel food dishes

*Cleaning Supplies*
- litter scoopers
- paper towels
- liquid laundry detergent
- bleach
- liquid dish soap
- liquid hand soap
- brooms & dust pans
- swiffer mops
- garbage bags (all sizes)
- Mr. Clean/Lysol
- nitrile gloves (M & L)
- peroxide/alchohol
- toilet paper
- Kleenex
- hand sanitizer

Office Supplies
- copy paper (8.5" x 11", white or colour)
- envelopes
- stamps
- markers, pens, pencils, erasers, white-out, etc.
- Post-it notes

- blankets
- clock radios
- gift certificates (groceries, pet stores, etc.)
- carpenters/handy folk for odd jobs

All donations are greatly appreciated, however due to safety reasons or lack of use, we cannot accept:

- duvets
- electric blankets
- human clothing