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Adult cats and kittens should be spayed/neutered by six months of age to help with the following:
- preventing unwanted litters
- protection against diseases of the reproductive system and added cost to owners
- to reduce the urge to roam, mate, spray, and fight (males in particular)
- to calm cats and have them get along better
- to reduce the serious cat overpopulation problem

The Miramichi SPCA requires that you commit to spaying or neutering your pet upon adoption, as stated in the adoption contract if the animal is not already altered. Failure to do so may result in repossession of the animal.


This program evolved due to a large number of wild/feral cats that came to our shelter that were not readily adoptable or well-suited to domesticated living. These cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and are in good health. Some have been at the shelter for a extended period of time, yet have not adjusted well to domesticated life.

We wish to pair these cats with owners of safe, well insulated barns or enclosures so that they may be relieved of stress and live in an environment with which they are more comfortable and familiar with.

We only ask the following:

  • The barn/building must be a protective, insulated enclosure which the cat can easily enter
  • The cat should be contained in the barn for the first several days to become accustomed to the building and reduce the risk of running away
  • You must be willing to feed and provide fresh water daily; it should not be expected to provide for itself
  • You must be willing to bring the cats to a vet if needed

If you have a suitable barn or building, as well as a warm heart, and want to provide the opportunity for a good life for one or more of these cats, please contact us at (506) 622-0645 to start the adoption approval process.


These are cats requiring some extra tender loving care (TLC).

They may be cats that:

  • are highly stressed by "shelter" life
  • require special medical care
  • have been at the shelter an extremely long time
  • are elderly and do not deserve to spend their senior years in a shelter
  • are bonded and cannot be separated

Special cats need special humans. We hope you find it in your heart to give these cats the extra care and attention they need.