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Duck Race tickets are available at the shelter and Volunteer Miramichi and other places around town.

Tickets can be purchased at the shelter and also Volunteer Miramichi

​MIRAMICHI ESCAPE ROOMS! ​The SPCA is part of 5 non-profit organizations (1/5 of proceeds go to us) that creates and manages the Miramichi Escape rooms. The goal of these rooms:

You are trapped in a room and you have 60 minutes or less to escape!  In The room you will find a series of mysterious codes a.nd puzzles that must be solved within the hour, in order to find a hidden key and escape.

You will have to:
Find the clues.
Work together!
Think outside the box.
Solve the puzzles
Work fast: you only have 60 minutes!
Escape the room!
Feel the excitment!
Be at the top of our leader board!

These are not only fun but they are also a great team building exercise! These rooms are available for booking from Tuesday-Friday 3:30PM-9:30PM and Satuday-Sunday 12:30-9:30PM (we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early). You can book by calling
(506) 626-0700 or visit the "Escape Miramichi" Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/EscapeMiramichi/home​

Keep checking back for other events. If you have fundraisers you would like to propose for the animals of the Miramichi SPCA, please contact the Shelter Manager at 622-0645.

We're calling out all you walkers/runners/bikers out there! We're part of a new organization called ResQwalk! It's so easy to use and you'll be earning money for the animals without even knowing it! Download the app, and choose the Miramichi SPCA as your charity, then all you need to do is start walking, running or biking and the app instantly raises money for our shelter! You can download the app here by clicking the link: http://resqwalk.com/

Giant Tiger BBQ

August 11th and 25th, 11am - 3pm