"How to Play"

  1. Get a Kitty Kash 50/50 ticket at any participating Kitty Kash location.
  2. You play the SAME number every week. It is your permanent number.
  3. Fill in the half of the ticket that needs your name and contact info. Put that half in the 50/50 box. Now you are registered to play. Keep the half with just your 50/50 number on it.
  4. Take a toonie and put a white dot on the coin. Write your number on the dot. Make it clear and easy to read.

REMEMBER: Play every week! Play the same number!



Rules and Regulations

  • Kitty Kash 50/50 is an initiative of the Miramichi SPCA. All proceeds from these draws will go towards the care of the many abandoned, abused and neglected animals in our city and surrounding areas.
  • Lottery is open to the general public
  • You must be at least 18 years old to play
  • You must complete a one-time registration ticket and provide contact information
  • Your number will remain in play until a player cancels their number or if it is not played for 52 weeks.
  • The player of the number must cancel their number in writing to have it removed from the drum. The note can be dropped in any Kitty Kash 50/50 box (The note must have your 50/50 number, your name, telephone number, and the date you wish to cancel). You can also stop into the Miramichi SPCA to cancel during operating hours Tuesday to Saturday between 12-4.(Forms for this will be made available at the Miramichi SPCA)
  • You can join Kitty Kash 50/50 at any time.
  • You may register for more than one number
  • You can enter the draw on a weekly basis. Write your assigned number on the white sticker provided, attach it to your toonie, and drop it in the Kitty Kash box at a participating location prior to 3 pm for that week's draw.
  • You may also prepay for 6 months ( 26 draws=$52) or 1 year (52 draws=$104) by:
    - cash or personal cheque (allow up to 3 weeks for cheque processing) directly at the Miramichi SPCA
    - through mail (128 Dan Cripps St. PO Box 177 Miramichi, NB E1V 3M3- please allow up to 3 weeks for processing)
    - you may drop a cheque in any participating Kitty Kash 50/50 box (allow up to 3 weeks for processing)
  • Kitty Kash 50/50 weekly draws will take place at the shelter on Thursdays. Winners will be announced Friday mornings. In the event of inclement weather, the draw will take place the following day.
  • If your Kitty Kash 50/50 number is drawn and you have played your number that week, you win the total Kitty Kash 50/50 prize.
  • Rollover: If the winning number of the Kitty Kash 50/50 draw belongs to an entrant that has not paid his/her weekly $2.00, the amount will be added to the next weekly draw.
  • Winnings will be paid by cheque in the exact name provided on the registration. Photo ID will be required to collect winnings.
  • Winners will be contacted using the information provided on the registration card. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure registration information remains current.
  • If you are the lucky winner, the prize claim must be made within 30 days. If the prize is unclaimed the monies will be donated to the Miramichi SPCA
  • By registering, you agree to have your name, ticket number and jackpot winning total advertised on the Miramichi SPCA Facebook page, The Kitty Kash Facebook page, Miramichi SPCA Website, Kitty Kash Website, and all Kitty Kash boxes. For a rollover prize, only the number drawn and amount will be published.
  • Should a toonie from another organizations draw by inadvertently dropped into the Kitty Kash 50/50 box, that toonie will be considered a donation to the Miramichi SPCA.
  • Kitty Kash 50/50 tickets are sold only in New Brunswick. Tickets will only be sold to residents of New Brunswick.
  • Kitty Kash Lottery is open to all employees, board members, volunteers and associates of the Miramichi SPCA.

NB Lottery License 1396717 56 001

Questions? Email , or call 622-0645